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Name:Legathea Misaki
Birthdate:Dec 30
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Website:Shinigami Yumi's Temple of Fate
I Don't Know

I don’t know how to be what you expect
I’m not a doll that you programmed
I’m not so normal last I checked,
but I don’t care; it’s who I am
I don’t like limits or restraints
I don’t take orders very well
Don’t fret with anger or complaints
I’d never change for you or Hell
I’m many things; you’ll have your pick
But from this world I will be free
Whoever said my mind was sick
within their own never did see
I don’t know how to live an ideal life
I can only wander in the dark
Maybe I’ll someday be a wife,
a queen, a nun, or just a clerk
I try to plan the future,
but I know most won’t work out
Our plans are just another scripture,
Fate a follower far from devout
I do not care much for your dreams
Once again, they’re yours, not mine
The world is hardly what it seems,
but its rules won’t my life define
I don’t know true love anymore
I once did, but I forgot
For life has fucked my ideals over
one too many times before
I once believed in people,
but as time passed, I soon lost faith
They’re all lost within their bubble,
and understand nothing till it’s too late
There was a dream that I once had,
but it is lost, and won’t come true
Harsh reality’s the answer
to all the questions children brew
And could you blame me for my regrets
after all that I have seen?
I’m still trying to figure out
the lines I want to walk between
I’ve never asked for heaven
in life, in love, in other people
Still, I’ve been let down too often,
and I don’t know Hope any longer
Death will be a peaceful end
to life’s many conflicts and sins
I only hope I’ll round that bend
with few regrets and many wins
There are many things that I resent,
but nothing personal with you
You therefore have my glad consent
to choose to be my friend whenever
Come, my brother or my sister,
whichever you may be
There’s little good left in this world,
but perhaps we may find it together,
and maybe someday, I’ll remember.
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